Free church presentation software
that puts worship first

User-Friendly Design

With its simple, intuitive design, any volunteer—tech-savvy or not—can learn to operate Floodlight.

Getting Started

Minimizes Mistakes

Going hand-in-hand with user friendliness, Floodlight is designed to minimize mistakes and distractions during worship. It avoids doing unexpected things, and it tries its best to ensure a smooth presentation.

Design Principles

Free and Open Source

Floodlight is completely free, so your ministry can spend limited funds on other things. It is a project created by the community that uses it.

How to Get Involved


Media & Video

Using the amazing GStreamer and FFmpeg libraries, Floodlight can play the vast majority of audio/video formats out of the box.

Multi-Monitor Support

Connect as many screens as you want (as many as your computer has ports for) and Floodlight can use them. Each can be a "primary" or "stage view" screen.

Stage View

The stage view is designed to be as useful as possible. It always shows the most relevant information, no configuration needed.