New Stage Display Concept

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to make the Stage Display more useful. The current stage display looks like this:

Screenshot of the old stage display

I like a lot of things about this design. It’s nice and simple. The lyrics flow easily from the current slide to the next, rather than the next slide being in a separate box. And it automatically switches between showing lyrics and media based on what’s on the slide, rather than setting a layout cue.

However, there’s one major problem: the lyrics are way too narrow. This often causes them to take up more lines than necessary, making it harder to read. Also, there’s sometimes not much space left for the lyrics of the next slide.

The reason it’s so narrow is to fit the clock and the segment notes (which are empty in this screenshot).

The New Design

Screenshot of the new stage display

As you can see, the width problem has been fixed. The clock is now in the top left, and the lyrics take up the whole width of the screen if there aren’t any segment notes. (If there are notes, it will behave like before–the lyrics will become narrower to make space).

Another addition is the colors along the side. I call this the “locator sidebar”. It indicates which slide you’re on within a segment. The colors are the same as in the Slides view, so you can see, for example, which chorus you’re on, at a glance.

Future Plans

I’d like to add some new settings for the Stage Display. In particular, there should be options for:

Look out for these improvements and others in the next release of Floodlight.

Suggestions are welcome! See “How can I contact you?” on the FAQ.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of a stage display, and of church presentation software in general, is to stay out of the way and help worship take place without distractions. Hopefully, this new stage display design will support that goal.