Design Principles

These are the basic principles driving the design of Floodlight. They guide all decisions about how it works and what features are added.

User Friendliness

Floodlight intends to be as user friendly as possible. It shouldn’t take a tech-savvy volunteer to install or use it. Tutorials should be clear and concise, and the user interface should be intuitive enough that new users catch on quickly.


The software should avoid doing things unexpectedly, which might lead to mistakes. In every situation, it should do everything it can to avoid glitches or problems.


Different ministries have different needs, and to be useful, Floodlight needs to accommodate those needs. All new features should be considered in the context of the rest of the program, rather than tacking on new buttons and switches as they are asked for.

When a feature is requested, it’s important to know why. Think in terms of the problem, not the solution: is this feature really needed, or is there a better way? This helps avoid a number of problems down the road.