Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it free?

Floodlight is a ministry, not a company.

Most similar software is either several hundred dollars or costs a monthly fee. I created Floodlight because I didn’t like that. Why should churches pay so much for software, when projects like VLC, HandBrake, and Firefox prove that good software can be free?

Why doesn’t it do X or Y?

Floodlight is a purely volunteer-based effort. Time and resources are limited, so not every feature on the wishlist is feasible. If you’d like to help, see the Getting Involved guide.

Also, some features just aren’t in the scope of what Floodlight is designed to do. It’s a simple, user-friendly worship presentation program. It’s not a professional software suite, and it’s not intended for concerts. Feature requests that don’t further the goals of the project will be declined.

How can I contact you?

For bug reports or feature requests, create an account on GitLab and post a new issue here.

For general discussion, support, etc. join us on Discord. You can also join the conversation via your favorite Matrix app.

Floodlight doesn’t work on my Mac.

Make sure your Mac is up to date, running the latest version of macOS. Floodlight is only tested on the latest version; unfortunately, it takes too much time to maintain support for old versions. Besides, keeping your computer up to date is important to keep it secure.