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By default, Floodlight uses three screens. Your primary monitor will be the Presenter Console—the window you'll control Floodlight from. Your second monitor will be the Primary display, showing lyrics or media to your congregation. The third display, if connected, will be the Stage View. This is a special screen designed to show relevant information to musicians or speakers on the stage.

However, all of this is configurable. In the main menu, choose "Preferences", then go to the "Displays" section. Here you will see a list of all displays recognized by your computer. For each display, you can choose which feed it will show, or disable it.



This is the main use for Floodlight: showing lyrics or media to an audience. The thumbnails in the Presenter Console show what each slide will look like on this feed.

Stage View

The stage view adapts to the content of the current slide. On media slides, it will show the same media that is on the Primary feed. For lyric slides, both the text of the current slide and the next slide are shown together.

In most cases, there is also a sidebar which shows the current time and any notes that have been set on the segment (see Adding Notes).

Showing Different Media on Each

In some cases, it might be helpful to show different videos on the Primary and Stage View feeds. For example, you might want the audience to see a music video, but those on stage to see a clearer lyrics-only video. This is easy. In the slide editor (see Editing Slides), change the layout from "Media" to "Stage Media". You will then be able to set the videos separately. When the slide is played, both videos will play at once. Only the video on the Primary feed will play audio.

Output View

In the upper left corner of the Presenter Console is the Output View. This shows a small preview of every enabled display. You can switch between them with the tabs.

If multiple tabs have the same name, it's because multiple displays are set to show the same feed.